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SportsWorld Championships Track and Field 2007
 10 q by quizmaster for 10 points - Free
The 11th IAAF World Championshipsin outdoor track and field took place in August 2007. Here are some questions about the highlights.

- Category Sports
- 10 Difficult questions
- played 158 times
- 10 points to win (time bonus: 45 points)
- created by quizmaster
- 0 comments (create comment)
Quiz rating:
(2 votes)

Quiz created by quizmaster
AvatarTrivia Levelquizmaster
Points: 665
All time Rank: 215
This month's Rank: 184
Intelligence: 32.03% (normal)
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This is the histogram of the number of points achieved by a total of 158 players.

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Top Scores
AvatarTrivia Leveltibando
Score: 60 points
Time: 17:34.44 sec
Questions correct: 10/10
AvatarTrivia Levelswinnie
Score: 53 points
Time: 00:26.35 sec
Questions correct: 9/10
AvatarTrivia Levelsupershot
Score: 49 points
Time: 00:59.22 sec
Questions correct: 9/10
AvatarTrivia LevelDisplonker
Score: 41 points
Time: 00:19.83 sec
Questions correct: 6/10
AvatarTrivia Levelmarc
Score: 38 points
Time: 01:05.24 sec
Questions correct: 8/10

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